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Our Promise:
There's more to mounting a bird than simply stretching the skin over a form & sewing it up!
I want your bird to appear lifelike, balanced, and alive--not posed or stiff.
You will receive a worry-free strong mount.

1.  After the kill, Tag the bird!   Untagged birds will not be accepted!  Do not gut or dress bird in any way.
2.  Pack in ice or freeze.  Fold wings neatly, wrap head in paper towels, & tuck under wing.  Place in garbage bag.
3.  Do not bend or curl the tail feathers!
4.  Pick up (lost) feathers in field.   I have reattached feathers from poorly handled or hard hit birds.
 Ducks and geese need a written tag with species, name, and date attached to each bird. 

1.  Turkeys - $450,   Geese - $250,   Ducks, Pheasants, Grouse, etc.  - $200.
2.  These costs include base.  There are no hidden costs for base, replaced feathers, repair.
3.  You will receive a receipt for deposit. 
     (Deposits are generally: Turkeys - $100;   Geese, Ducks, etc. - $30.
4.  You may call or email me for progress report.

I hope to hear from you!
Keep hunting safely & be sure of your target!

Full  Strut'n

Alan Pine
(740) 663-4936
Email:  fullstrutn@gmail.com

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